The fluid distribution plates and the storage tanks, made of aluminum alloy, are Electron Beam Welded (EBW) since this process guarantees a robust joint, resistant to the pressure of use of the components, with reduced heat input to the base material.

The valve bodies, made of Ni-based superalloy, are subjected to the aging heat treatment with a high vacuum furnace to increase their hardness and therefore their mechanical resistance at ambient and high operating temperatures.

The internal diameter of the valve bodies is coated with a hard-coating applied with the HVOF process, in order to increase their hardness and therefore resistance to wear.

The combustion chambers are coated with thermal barriers (TBC) applied with the Plasma coating process (APS), in order to protect the base material from the thermal stresses to which the parts are subjected in operation, extending their useful life.


  • Components of jet engines
  • Combustion chambers
  • Fluid distribution plates
  • Accumulation tanks
  • Components and implementation systems
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